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3. 📂 Projects

    SparkV BOT

    The bot that has everything! - Leveling • Music • Memes • Moderation • Starboard • Logging • Tickets • AntiScam • Reaction Roles (/panel)


    Surf Host

    It shouldn't be expensive to host your project online. With Surf Host, you can host your first project for free.


    A website made to showoff KingCh1ll's many creations. Which is this website!


    Wumps BOT

    Wumps is a fully customizable server multipurpose Discord bot for your Discord server.


    Freeze Tag Escape

    Freeze Tag Escape is a new escape/freeze tag game. Escape the many different maps without getting frozen by the tagger!


    [DEMO] Roblox Videos Theater

    Choose from huge selection of Cartoony Videos, Funny Shorts, and more in Roblox's Best Videos Theater. This game was made in a single day to show off Roblox's new videos.


    [DEMO] Ch1ll Defense

    A tower defense game where you have to protect the remaining citizens of Robloxia, an island out in the middle of nowhere.


    [DEMO] Monkemania

    Welcome to Monke Mania! Here, your fellow monkes are looking for bananas, and monkeing around while at it.